Terms and Conditions

By submitting this information you (“the Customer”) agree to the following:

Description of the service

inStockholm is a website listing job ads for English speaking professionals in Sweden.

inStockholm.com will show the job ads uploaded by the Customer for the period specified in the ‘closing date’ tag for every job. This period can at any time be shortened or extended by the customer. Submitting a job is free of charge (except for a 200 SEK setup fee which includes a logo upload, detailed job description, and inclusion in the featured jobs section at the top of the homepage) and funded through a ‘pay-per-click’-system. For every click a job ad gets JobsinStockholm will redirect the visitor to the website of the Customer. Job ads are not hosted at JobsinStockholm’s server unless agreed otherwise.

The Customer also has the option of purchasing a monthly advertising package for a fixed price not determined by the number of clicks (views) the ad receives.

Jobs submitted will be shown on Jobs
inStockholm from the following morning. Their status will until then appear as ‘Approval appending’ in the Customer administration profile. JobsinStockholm can at our discretion delete job ads that fall outside the scope of the website.

inStockholm will do its best to secure a smooth execution of this service. However we cannot be held responsible for any downtime due to server breakdown, hacker attack or other force majore factors that interfere with the service. The Customer will of course not pay for the period that the service is down since no visitors can click on the ads.

Invoices are sent out at the end of every month unless agreed otherwise. The Customer is responsible for always keeping the contact billing info up-to-date. Invoices will cover the clicks on the online job ads since last invoice. The customer gets 14 days to pay the invoice. If invoices are not paid after this date Jobs
inStockholm will add an 11,5% administration fee to resend the invoice.

All information submitted to Job
inStockholm is kept confidential and will not be given or shown to third parties. It is the Customers duty to keep the login and password confidential, and JobsinStockholm does not cover for loses due to unsafe data management by the Customer. JobsinStockholm will however contact the company should we notice anything unusual before approving a submitted ad.

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