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How does it work?

Two easy steps before your job is online!

Step one: Registration

Fill in the form with company name, address and contact information and VAT/CVR-number. If the job location is the same as the address which the invoice has to been sent for, just tick off the box beneath Billing Information.

Please fill in a short description of your company, i.e. about line of business and market.

An example: "EEC Language School was established in 1976, and offers courses in all major languages. We have 42 teachers on our staff, and are based in light, modern rooms in Amsterdam."

Why? We use it as a short description mentioned next to all job ads.

Step two: Post your ad

In the left menu of your profile, click "Add a new job". Your company’s name will already be in the template.

For application deadline write the date you wish the job ad to stop running. If there is no deadline for the job, you still need to specify an "artificial" date and tick of the box "no closing date".

If possible, we recommend that you simply link to the job post on your own website. Remember to link directly to the job ad. Usually it works well if you hold the cursor above the link in question on your site, right-click and choose "Copy shortcut and simply paste it after the http://. If this does not work, press the link. Now you are on the page with the ad. Right-click and choose "Properties - then copy the URL-address and paste it into the form. If you are still experiencing problems,
contact us.

If the job is not online or you can't update your website, you may send us a PDF or Word document and we can host the job for you. Please contact us for more information.

Next you have to choose a category for your job ad. You need to choose at least one, but remember that your job may fit into more than one category: "Preferred candidates would have a Master in finance with some experience in marketing or vice versa".

With respect to job location, the template already offers an address. This address is from your company profile, but bear in mind that the job may be in another branch/location of your company.

When you press "Submit Job Ad" - your job will be saved, but not shown on JobsinStockholm. In order to make sure that the job-links are working, we will verify them before approval. Therefore you will usually not see your job ad online until the next day - or in case you upload Friday afternoon we may postpone the approval to Monday to make sure that your ad receives the best attention. If you want the ad online immediately just contact us and we will do so!

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